Few pests decimate home plants, gardens, and crops like the stink bug. This pest invades in the autumn months and emits a pungent odor similar in scent to coriander. The smell comes from stink glands, which are a defense mechanism to ward off predators.

Identifying Stink Bugs

North America is home to more than 200 species of stink bugs. The one you’re most likely to encounter in the Albany area is the brown marmorated stink bug:

  • About 1.7 cm long and roughly as wide
  • Shaped like a shield
  • Various shades of brown
  • Gray, black, off-white, bluish, and copper markings mimicking veined marble
  • Slightly bent antenna

Fun Fact: The stink bug is not indigenous to the United States. These bugs originate in China, Japan, the Korean peninsula, and Taiwan. The first U.S. specimen was collected in 1998. By 2010-11, the stink bug became a season-long agricultural pest.


While harmless, the stink bug is a highly frustrating bother. It can wreak havoc with home gardens and be a farmer’s nightmare.

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Are Stink Bugs Invading Your Home?

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