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Do you suspect that you have a nuisance wildlife problem?

  • Do you hear scratching or activity in your walls or attic?
  • Have you seen feces of an animal other than your pet?
  • Have you seen materials pushed together that could be a nest?
  • Do you have a small hole along your foundation or roofline where a small animal could crawl in?

Don’t wait until your suspicion becomes a problem. We offer complimentary home evaluations by our highly trained technicians and inspectors.

We know that when it comes to your home, you want to protect your family and pets. In order to do that, you need to keep wildlife outside. The problem is they keep getting in which makes you feel uneasy.

We believe that no one should suffer from having pests in their home.?

We understand how unsettling it can be to have unwanted animals in your home which is why we have dedicated ourselves to ensure that our customers don’t have to worry.


So Do We.

  • Carolina’s Organic Pest Specialists

  • Structural Rodent Exclusion (SRE)

  • 40 Years of Family
    Owned Service

How We Do It

We have a through, multi-pronged strategy for eradicating all nuisance wildlife. Here’s our plan to ensure your home will be wildlife free:


Even after your complimentary home evaluation, we begin each visit to your property with a thorough visual inspection. We look for changes to your property that could invite a pest or provide access to your home.


You want these potentially dangerous critters gone fast – and by starting your treatment right away, they’ll be gone in no time! Our highly trained technicians expertly execute the most effective strategies and treatments to quickly eradicate nuisance wildlife from your home.


These pesky critters found their way into your home once, and we don’t want it to happen again. After discovering where they got into your home, we’ll have a comprehensive plan for sealing up the gaps and keeping them out!

It’s Easy To Live
Pest Free

1. Call Us: We offer both phone and in-person evaluations to identify the best course of action to solve your pest problem.

2. Schedule Service: We strive for same day service or at your earliest convenience.

3. Live Pest Free: Our pest prevention plans give our customers the peace of mind that keeps pests out!

$ave Money On Pest Control

If you want to keep nuisance wildlife plus many other bugs and pests out of your home, check out our Home Protection Plan.

For an affordable monthly investment, we can take care of mice and rats and many other common insects such as ants, stink bugs, bees and more!

Carolina’s Way is wonderful…they have someone out as soon as possible to check the situation. They’re diligent, they’re reasonable. The people are friendly and they clean up. I can’t say enough good things about them.

J Greenwood, Homeowner

Having a trusted service provider makes things so much easier. I know that they’re going to be there. I know that they are going to show when they are supposed to. I know that they are going to make sure they take care of the problem for me.

Connie, Property Manager

I was very impressed with the immediate response/ same day service yesterday, and Kevin was great! So happy were not hearing any more noises in the attic.

Mary Seeley, Homeowner




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