Pet owners are no strangers to fleas. Even the most cautious has dealt with a flea problem. It’s also common for new residents to inherit a previous resident’s flea infestation. These little parasites can also be easily picked up by non-pet owners while visiting friends or traveling and later infest their homes.

Identifying Fleas

Fleas need blood to survive. While they are commonly found feeding off dogs and cats, they can also feed off humans. Their bites cause itching and can leave red marks on the skin. Dark colored speckles or flea dirt can accompany a flea infestation.

  • Fleas are small at roughly 1 to 3mm long
  • They have oval-shaped, flat bodies
  • They are brown or reddish brown
  • Wingless with six long legs
  • Good jumpers

Successfully treating a flea problem requires multiple angles of attack. For pet owners, the environment and pet need to be simultaneously addressed to control fleas and exterminate them.

Fleas lay eggs on their host, which then roll off into the environment. Carpets, cracks and crevices, all these areas can harbor flea eggs. It is imperative to treat the whole environment thoroughly.


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Are Fleas Invading Your Home?

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