Is your lawn or garden suffering from molehills or vole holes?

It’s rare to see a mole above ground, but these critters leave visible signs of their presence. Mounds and raised ridges are common. Their surface tunnels can be found where grubs and worms are plentiful. Voles leave difference evidence of their presence. They create runways in the ground that range from 1-2” wide. Their burrow is generally marked by holes near tree bases and in lawns.

Identifying Moles & Voles

Moles and voles have distinct differences. Moles are meat eaters and dine on insects, earworms, and grubs. Voles are vegetarians and eat the roots and stems of various plants.


  • 4-7″ in length
  • Short, black to brownish-gray fur
  • Paddle shaped feet and large digging claws
  • Elongated head and snout, small eyes
  • Often dig tunnels in lawns and shrub beds


  • 5-8″ in length
  • Heavy, round bodies, small eyes, short tails, somewhat hidden ears
  • Resemble field mice
  • Voles have prominent orange teeth
  • Often dig characteristic golf ball sized exit holes to their tunnels


The most effective way to treat a mole or vole problem is by trapping and removing these pests. Future protection and control are achieved by making your property less attractive as their home.

Contact us today to schedule your home evaluation. Not only will we investigate any current mole or vole problems, but we will also create a custom plan for protecting your home and lawn.

Are Moles & Voles Invading Your Home?

Life is too short to worry about the damage and disease moles and voles can bring into your home. Your home is your castle and we can help you protect it.


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