Raccoons are highly intelligent animals that have adapted to life with human so adeptly that they are now considered more urban animals than wildlife. They naturally forage for food and have learned that dumpsters and garbage cans are treasure troves. They’ve even figured out what great homes houses and sheds make, and they can open a door by using the doorknob!

Their foraging raids on garbage cans and dumpsters can cause any homeowner a headache. Their nighttime activities can leave behind knocked over bins, scattered remains of food, knocked over items from climbing (especially in porches or sheds), traumatized pets, and even paw prints.


Identifying Raccoons

Raccoons are probably one of the most identifiable creatures, thanks to their appearance

  • 2-3 feet in length
  • Stocky body with thick fur
  • Salt-and-pepper gray and black with a black “mask” over the eyes
  • Ringed, bushy tail


Raccoons can sometimes carry rabies and are considered a major host of the disease. Rabid raccoons are more likely to be active during the daylight and display key symptoms, including:

  • Wet and tangled fur
  • Difficulty walking
  • Confusion
  • Aggression

In some cases, a rabid raccoon will foam at the mouth or have watery eyes. If you suspect a raccoon is rabid, contact animal control immediately.


Raccoons are a pest problem that require qualified assessment by a properly equipped professional, and we specialize in just that. Wildlife control factors will also need to be addressed to best control and protect against a future raccoon raid.

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