These pesky rodents are some of the most common to infest homes and businesses. Minor mice or rat problems can quickly escalate as these pests breed and adapt rapidly.

Mice and rats are easily confused because a young rat can bare a striking resemblance to a full-grown mouse. How can you tell which pest is present?

Identifying Mice and Rats

The best way to determine a pest problem is through the professional aid of a qualified technician. Northeast Pest Control can help you do just that with an on-site inspection. Here are some identifying factors of mice and rats that we see often:

House Mouse

  • Small and round at about 2-3” Light brown to black
  • Leave behind small droppings, pointed at both ends
  • Gnaw and chew on furniture, plastic, and cardboard
  • Produce dime-sized gnawed holes

Field Mouse

  • Small and stocky at about 4-6”
  • Brown to blackish-brown
  • Commonly mistaken for moles
  • Can seriously damage lawns and gardens
  • Leave shallow runways that crisscross

Norway Rats

  • Long body at 10-12” including tail
  • Brown, gray, or black
  • Nocturnal; seeing one during the day may signal a major infestation
  • Leave capsule-shaped droppings
  • Leave chew marks on food, power cords, and utility lines

Roof Rats

  • Long body at 16” including tail
  • Black
  • Love to climb
  • Live in high buildings
  • Leave capsule-shaped dropping and gnaw marks

Treat – Protect – Control

If our technician finds any form of pesky wildlife, we will create a personalized package just for your home and needs. We specialize in removing, treating, and pest proofing. From solving your current pest problem to helping prevent a future one, you’re in great hands with Carolina’s Way Pest Solutions.

Are Mice & Rats Invading Your Home?

Life is too short to worry about the damage and disease mice & rats can bring into your home. Your home is your castle and we can help you protect it.


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Carolina’s Way is wonderful…they have someone out as soon as possible to check the situation. They’re diligent, they’re reasonable. The people are friendly and they clean up. I can’t say enough good things about them.

J Greenwood, Homeowner

Having a trusted service provider makes things so much easier. I know that they’re going to be there. I know that they are going to show when they are supposed to. I know that they are going to make sure they take care of the problem for me.

Connie, Property Manager

I was very impressed with the immediate response/ same day service yesterday, and Kevin was great! So happy were not hearing any more noises in the attic. 

Mary Seeley, Homeowner